Being the ultimate fragrant beverage in the Chinese culture, Jasmine green tea was created during the reign of the Song dynasty. Grown in the magnificent mountainous provinces, these delicate leaves are harvested in the spring and carefully preserved up until the blooming of the delicate jasmine flowers. These buds still full of a light dew are harvested and mixed with the tea leaves to soak them in their distinguished divine fragrances. This mix of tea leaves provides a remarkably floral and slightly astringent brew leaving a long, fresh and silky sensation on your palate.


Ingredient: Jinjing green tea scented with Jasmine flowers*, from China. Certified Organic*


50g around 20 cup ~

Steeping Instructions:

  • 2 Tsp. | 3 x re-steeping
  • 75 °C |  4/4 Theine
  • 2 - 3 min

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