The deliciously toning effects of the Sencha leaves are harmoniously coloured by the fragrances of peaches and tart lemon. Combined with the candied papayas, pineapple fragments, lemon rind and lemongrass its sweet heady nature is even more heightened. The beautiful marigold flowers and the refreshing mint leaf extract will make this your favourite summer beverage.


Ingredients: Sencha green tea*, lemongrass*, mint*, candied papaya (papaya*, cane sugar*), candied pineapple (pineapple*, sugar*), lemon peels*, natural flavors*, marigold flowers*, peach (peach*, rice flour*). Certified Organic*

Steeping Instructions:

  • spoon 1.5 à 2 c. à thé
  • 1-3 min dans l’eau chaude 2-3 min 
  • 80 °C 75 °C

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