You will be voluntarily roped in by this gourmet blend of white tea and green tea supplemented with the flavours of ground cinnamon and apple pieces. This savoury Pai Mu Tan was only submitted to the simplest and gentlest of transformation. After being harvested on the first mornings of Spring, shriveling and drying of the leaves occurs naturally under the sun's hot rays before they are placed in the shade. Being only a little oxidized, these delicate leaves provide us with a clear, slightly floral beverage. Enhanced by a hint of Chun Mee green tea, this brew will bring a slightly sweet and gentle freshness to your palate. 


Ingredients: Chun Mee green tea*, Pai Mu Tan white tea*, apple pieces*, natural flavors*, crushed cinnamon*. Certified Organic*


50g around 20 cup ~

Steeping Instructions:

  • 2 Tsp. | 2 x re-steeping
  • 75 °C |  2/4 Theine
  • 2 min

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