This delicate fragrant blend is comprised of a base of Sencha tea, Gunpowder, Pai Mu Tan white tea and Genmaicha with a sweet grilled rice taste. This perfect alliance is generously complimented by black and red gooseberries, delicious strawberry slices, apricot pieces and refreshing orange rind. Once infused, you will see the legendary Jasmine Dragon pearls unravel before you. A totally surprising and full-rounded beverage, leaving you with the fresh sweet notes of Spring.


Ingredients: Sencha green tea*, Gunpowder green tea*, Pai Mu Tan white tea*, Genmaicha green tea*, jasmine Dragon Pearl*, redcurrant*, blackcurrant*, strawberry slices*, natural flavors*, apricot pieces*, orange peels*. Certified Organic*

Steeping Instructions:

  • spoon 1.5 à 2 c. à thé
  • 1-3 min dans l’eau chaude 2-3 min 
  • 80 °C 75 °C

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