A fruity and floral brew that is both delicious and fortifying for our precious little ones. This theine-free herbal tea is sweetened by its savoury apple and strawberry slices all the while being softened by the mallow flowers and lemongrass. Overflowing with ingredients rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, this blend provides a feeling of comfort and relaxation. This drink is tasty hot or iced and tolerates very well a hint of honey or maple syrup.


Ingredients: apple pieces*, fennel*, lemongrass*, rosehip shells*, green mint*, mallow blossoms*, strawberry slices*. Certified Organic*


50g around 20 cup ~

Steeping Instructions:

  • 2 Tsp. | 3 x re-steeping
  • 100 °C |  0/4 Theine
  • 5 - 7 min

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