Dedicated to men, this delicious spicy Rooibos blend is grown exclusively in the high mountains of Cederberg in South Africa. Nicknamed "red tea" due to its colour, this hot beverage with a slight hazelnut flavour is theine-free and is appreciated for its richness in antioxidants and numerous benefits. Made with an inescapable alliance of strong Indian spices, this brew is lightly softened by the lemongrass and orange peel. It offers its energising virtues, stimulates the immune system, fosters healthy digestion, and helps relieve cold and sore throat symptoms.


Ingredients: Apple*, Rooibos*, lemongrass*, cinnamon*, ginger*, orange peels*, black pepper*, clove*, chili pepper*. Certified Organic*


50g around 20 cup ~

Regional Source:


Steeping Instructions:

  • 2 Tsp. | 3 x re-steeping
  • 100 °C |  0/4 Theine
  • 5 - 7 min

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